Research at Mundulea

In the two decades since Mundulea was established, it has been home to several important research projects. These began with foundational research led by Peter Arctander and Hans Redlef Siegismund of the University of Copehangen into the critically endangered status of Namibia's Black-Faced Impala. This research contributed strongly to black-faced implala's designation as a separate sub-species, which played an instrumental part in its recovery, since 2000, from the bink of disappearance.

Other research projects at Mundulea have included the following:

  • The reintroduction of Oxpecker to Mundulea
  • Long-term study of bush encroachment and emerging patterns/problems of recovering habitat
  • Acacias as invasive species
  • Tortoise rehabilitation focusing on species local to Namibia's central highlands
  • Pangolin rehabilitation and monitoring. Please see the link below compiled by the late Paul Rankin which documents the early stages of this project. Paul's companionship and dedication to this work is sorely missed.

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